'Burn Notice' Recap: Jesse 2.0 & an Explosive Return

Burn Notice Michael Westen
Michael Westen, not on bedrest
After leaving us for months, Burn Notice is back to finish up season 4. Last night's episode, "Eyes Open," was everything we love about Burn Notice, namely Michael defying medical logic, and explosions. All that was missing was a car chase, but hopefully we'll get that next week.

The winter premiere started where we left off: Barrett's dead, Michael's in the hospital, Jesse's back, and the suitcase with the bible and decoder are missing. Even the side job is familiar, involving Scott, the guy with the kidnapped daughter in the summer finale. He's seeking revenge on the goons that kidnapped her and has enlisted a certified crazy person, Dennis, to have them all killed with bombs.

Guns are just too easy, it seems, as are sane people.


But before we get to that, let's touch on the main story arc. If you blinked a few times or went to the bathroom, you probably missed it. They're trying to track down who stole Barrett's suitcase only to find that the dude's dead. He's been killed by a decoder who knows just how valuable the information is.

That's it ...

Moving on! Michael's supposed to be on bedrest, but since when does he listen to anybody? Instead, he befriends Dennis and manages to stay alive despite showing up unannounced twice. Did I mention Dennis is paranoid? Like, that's one of his diagnosed problems. Oh, and that he kills Scott, the guy he presumably trusts? So why is Michael still alive? Because he's a super-spy, that's why.

Just when they've safely escaped being blown up and Michael has gotten the locations of the other bombs, they have a choice to make. Do they let the apparently stupid and incompetent cops try to deal with a crazed bomber? Or do they ... do something else? See, we never really find out the other option because Jesse decides to blow up the house with Dennis inside.

That, my friends, is called an executive decision.

The episode ends with the trio dumbfounded at what Jesse's done, and with me excited that badass Jesse is even awesomer/hotter than semi-pathetic "I want to find the people who burned me" Jesse. This is Jesse 2.0 and I. Can't. Wait.

Did you enjoy the return of Burn Notice? What do you think of the new Jesse?


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