'Bridalplasty': The Reality Show Where Plastic Surgery Is the Weekly Prize

'Bridalplasty' contestants
Attention bridezillas! Does E! have a show for you! Bridalplasty will star 12 brides-to-be in a weekly competition. In every episode, one wins a prize and another gets sent packing.

Hmmm ... sounds pretty business-as-usual reality TV so far. 

So what are they in competition for each week? A free bridal gown? Nope. Celebrity makeup artist? Still no. Maybe a yummy Venetian Hour, complete with chocolate fountain courtesy of the good people at E!?

Nuh-uh. Each week the bevy of betrothed beauties will compete for something a little more longer lasting:


Plastic surgery, baby! 

The contestants will compete in a wedding- or relationship-themed challenge to win a different procedure in each episode. One week will see the ladies duking it out for a tummy tuck, while another challenge winner will no doubt be excited to expand her wedding gown bodice to accommodate those Double Ds she's always craved.

A la Top Chef or Project Runway, the segment's winner will receive immunity from the next set of challenges -- actually recovery time from their nose job, Botox injections, or lip plumping.

And the grand prize? A dream wedding paid for by E!, plus the winner will get all the remaining procedures on a plastic surgery "wish list" that she presented to the producers at the beginning of the series run. 

The viewer will be able to see for the first time -- along with the groom -- the bride's transformation when she walks down the aisle on the big day.

Oh good God.

It comes as no surprise that Dr. Terry Dubrow is going to spearhead the makeovers. Dubrow is a plastic surgeon who appeared on The Swan in 2004. For those who have never seen The Swan, the premise was that perfectly attractive women with very low self-esteem were made over into frightening Real Housewife-wannabes.

The very existence of this show proves for sure that no matter how crazy the premise, there is always someone loony enough to jump right on board. Want someone to lie in a bed of snakes like in Fear Factor? No problem. Chow down on bull testicles? Hand 'em over!

Ladies and gentlemen ... we are about to experience a true cultural Armageddon.

You can tune into this train wreck (hosted by Shanna Moakler) starting on November 28 at 9 p.m.

Would you sign up for a show like this? Do you plan to watch?

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