'DWTS' Results: Why Is Bristol Still Here?

Kurt Warner on DWTSLast night was a sad episode of Dancing With the Stars because, as Bruno so perfectly put it, we lost a gentleman. Kurt Warner was sacked (sorry, couldn't refrain from using cheesy football references), and sent home to his gorgeous wife -- the only person he can dance sensually with.


Even though he put on his best performance to date the night before, it just wasn't enough, and the retired athlete was sent home in a lime neon green outfit. But only after giving us the lesson of the day first -- it's not about winning or losing, it's about the friends you meet along the way.

So true, Kurt, so true.

Gah, if someone sucky had to go, why oh why couldn't it have been Bristol Palin? She doesn't even have a fun personality.

Anyways ...

What would a Tuesday night of DWTS be without pointless acts thrown in between the over-dramatized results? Jerry Rice and Kenny Mayne made hilarious jokes in tutus that I'll totally ruin if I try to reiterate them, and the future of Dancing With the Stars made an appearance in the form of dancing and piano-playing elementary school children who are more accomplished than the majority of us viewers. Even with multiple national titles under their belts, performing on DWTS was the "most exciting thing ever." Aww. Damn, they were cute. John Legend (he is sooo hot) and Taio Cruz performed as well, and we had an awkward recap and round 2 of Maks vs. Carrie Ann. 

Were you happy with the results? Who would you have rather seen go home?


Image via ABC.com

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