Sue Sylvester Walks Down the Aisle -- Who's at the End?

Sue Sylvester in GleeHere comes the bride, all dressed in, er, colored track suit?

Yes, the rumors are true: Sue Sylvester is tying the knot in an upcoming episode of Glee.

But to whom? Her love life hasn't exactly been a main storyline so far, but it doesn't look like it's anyone new, since Harry Shum, Jr. told E! Online that we "know her."


But then he follows with a, "You know him" and a coy smile.

Argh! The suspense is killing me!

So who is it? Here are our guesses:


Will Schuester: Sure they hate each other, and she swears little elves make cookies inside of his hair, but don't forget that they did go on a date. Sure it was because Will was seeking revenge but she was sincerely excited when he was putting on the moves.

Bryan Ryan: Not only did they have sex, but this would also mean the return of Neil Patrick Harris, which we are all for!

Rod Remington: He broke her heart when she caught him cheating on her with his fellow co-anchor, but perhaps he has managed to win her back.

Coach Beiste: Hey, Harry did say that we know "her," and honestly, this is the only person that I could think of that might be a match. Unless it's ...

Sue Sylvester: Sue marrying herself! Oh, wouldn't that just be a classic Sue thing to do?!

Who do you think Sue is marrying?


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