Early 'Conan' Ratings Crush Rivals: Who's Laughing Now?

Conan and AndyI laughed out loud within 60 seconds of the opening of Conan O’Brien’s new show, when we panned over from Conan nervously sitting in a job interview to show Jon Hamm glaring at him.

“It’s 1965,” Don Draper sniped. “You’re 2 years old.”  

Some critics said the show disappointed and was too similar to his old Tonight Show. In fact, before the show even hit the airwaves, a backlash had already begun. “Have procured 3 lab rats with diabetes, deafness, cancer. Can't wait to see which one(s) first #Conan episode cures!” wrote James Poniewozik, a columnist for Time magazine.

But his fans loved it. And, you can't beat the ratings ...


Conan pulled in 4.2 million viewers besting The Tonight Show (with 3.5 million) and The Late Show With David Letterman (with 3.4 million). So suck it, Jay.


During his opening monologue, Conan said, “It’s practically midnight anyway! I’m an idiot!” He was also relaxed yet excited, and kept spontaneously hugging and shaking hands with audience members. If he's faking being a nice guy, he deserves an Oscar.

Masturbating Bear is back! He’s been working at a local television station being the bag they pick the Lotto balls out of -- ick!

Ricky Gervais sent in a funny video with possible future pep talks for other failed projects.

First guest of the (rigged) "first guest contest" was the curator of the Nutcracker Museum.

Seth Rogen “broke the sh*t rule” almost immediately and told a story about his proposal that pretty much would never have been on The Tonight Show.

Lea Michele was totally boring. Sorry, Glee.

Conan reprised a bit from his summer stage show in which he played guitar with Jack White, wearing a guitar strap emblazoned with his name (apparently they did a video together, directed by Michel Gondry, who also directed Rogen’s upcoming movie. So incestuous!). They’re apparently old pals, and he was a million times better in his post-song interview than Michele.

Loved it. Will watch it again. Will you?

Image via TBS.com

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