New 'Glee' Tonight: Kurt Gets Love, We Get Bon Jovi

glee bon jovi

It's hard to know which is sexier in the new episode of Glee: the girls doing a mash-up of Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones (there's a sneak peek after the jump) or the return of Puck?

Both are too good to be true. And those certainly are not the only reasons to watch tonight.


There's plenty of rumors flying about what's going down in "Never Been Kissed." Here's what's for sure:

There will be another battle of the sexes judged by Coach Beiste: The girls perform the number below while the boys (including Puck!) mash-up The Supremes with En Vogue.

Also, newcomer Darren Criss (former University of Michigan theater student) will make his debut -- allegedly as a love interest for Kurt (which sort-of-but-not-really explains the text message in the clip).

And, some blogs are reporting that Charice Pempengco will be making another appearance, but I'm calling BS on that rumor (at least for now).

What do you think?

Are you watching Glee tonight?


Image via FOX

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