'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Who's Instant Dancing Home Tonight?

final five contestants on DWTS
The Final Five
And then there were five.

The remaining contestants on Dancing With the Stars can be divided into two groups:

  1. Those with a music and/or dance background who possess *the buzzword of the night* "musicality."

  2. Those who can't really dance, but try awfully hard. I'm looking at you Kurt and Bristol.

Last night's gimmick -- the Instant Dance -- rewarded the first group and punished the second. The dancers were given a dance style to practice but didn't receive their song until 45 minutes before they had to perform it. For the less musically inclined dancers who learn dances by listening to lyrics, this was going to be tough. Let's take a look at how they did ...


Kyle Massey -- Kyle who? Sorry, but that joke's getting old. Kyle is still around and still earning good scores. He brings a youthful energy to the competition that's lacking in the other dancers. His Viennese Waltz showed refinement, then his energetic Instant Jive blew the judges away.

Jennifer Grey -- She cried and limped and moaned about her knee, but ultimately came out on top last night, tied with Brandy for first place. Her Quickstep was classic and elegant. Then her Instant Rhumba earned her the first perfect score of the season. But, really Jennifer and Derek -- you never heard of Foreigner's classic ballad "Waiting for a Girl Like You"? For shame!

Kurt Warner -- Ok, so, Kurt isn't the best dancer as the judges pointed out once again. But he tries really hard and embodies the spirit of the show. His waltz was graceful for a ginormous dude and his Instant Cha Cha was a crowd pleaser. He was even -- dare I say -- a little sexy shaking it on the dance floor last night?

Bristol Palin -- Bristol was feeling homesick so she went home to visit the Palin clan this week. Mama Palin looked green with envy while she watched the rehearsal -- do not be surprised to see Sarah Palin in sequins next season. Bristol put in two respectable performances, but her Instant Samba really showed her lack of musicality. She tried to make up for her missteps with a lot of shoulder shaking, but alas, it wasn't enough to distract from her two left feet.

Brandy -- A funny thing happens when Brandy comes on my TV. My index finger twitches towards the fast forward button on the remote. Her personality ruins the show for me. Apparently she danced well enough to earn top scores. 

So, the final scores:

Jennifer and Brandy are tied at the top with 57.
Kyle's next with 56.
Kurt's got a 48.
Bristol's alone at the bottom with 47.

Who's going home tonight? Well, obviously, I'd love Brandy to go home so I can give my remote control a rest. But, I'm afraid Bristol is going to be Instant Dancing her way back to Alaska. She's had a respectable run and should be proud.  

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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