'Wheel of Fortune' Wonder & Others With Freaky, but Useless Talents

Caitlin BurkeCaitlin Burke has stunned the world -- or at least the world that cares about Wheel of Fortune -- with her amazing puzzle-solving skills. With just one letter on the board -- "L" -- she solved the 27-letter phrase:

"I've got a good feeling about this"

A really good feeling, for sure.

Pat Sajack was shocked when the 26-year-old fashion magazine editor gave the correct answer, as was anyone watching.

Immediately accusations followed that she cheated, or it was rigged (it really looked like it was!), or she's a witch. But by all accounts since then, it seems Burke is just a puzzle-solving freak ... in the best sense of the word. 

Check it out:


For her amazing efforts, she got about $53,000 in cash and prizes including a trip to the Caribbean. That's not chump change, but for such amazing talent? It seems she should be more remarkably rewarded.

And now what of her tricky talent? Will it just be used hereafter for impressing those in her living room?

Alas, the fascinating freaky talents of so many go largely unrewarded in comparison to the might and uniqueness of their abilities.

Here are a few from the ranks:

Cup Stacker

Check out this kid and how quickly he can stack cups. It's amazing, but what exactly do you do with talent like that, besides party tricks? 

Underwear Wearer

And what of little Jack Singer who set the world record for wearing the most pairs of underwear at once? Shouldn't Harvard at least grant him early, early admittance?


Egg Holder

How many eggs can you hold in your hand at one time? Who cares, but getting 15 in at once is impressive. However, the only future employers it will likely impress are chicken farmers.

Hand Farter

Gerry Phillips is a "manualist," which basically means he can hand fart tunes. Not the most pleasant of melodies, but amazing nonetheless. He has managed to turn his talent into a little bit more, playing gigs, but it seems a small reward for such rare talent.

Here he is playing "Stairway to Heaven."

What's your craziest, useless talent?


Image via YouTube

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