On 'Oprah' Today: Michael Jackson Became a Little Less of a Mystery

jacksonI watched today's highly anticipated episode of Oprah, on which Oprah interviewed Michael Jackson's family -- mom, Katherine Jackson; dad Joe Jackson; and kids Prince and Paris. So now, you don't have to.

You're welcome.

Herewith the highlights and "Who Knews?":


Katherine Jackson believes that Michael was addicted to plastic surgery ... or as she calls it, he went through the "change." Like many adolescents, MJ hated the way he looked. One day he announced he was getting his nose done -- and the rest was history. Katherine describes her son's proboscis like this: "It was like a toothpick, I thought it was too small." She claims that he only had his nose done and had various operations to help the vitiligo. (Hmmm ... doubt that very much.)

Lisa Marie Presley sounds like a black girl -- at least on the phone. Mrs. J. got the call announcing Michael and Lisa's marriage after it actually happened. MJ put his blushing bride on the line to greet her new mother-in-law and, from the voice, Katherine didn't believe it was Elvis's daughter.

The Jackson siblings held an intervention to stop Michael's drug abuse. Katherine herself talked to him when she heard about it and he denied having a problem, saying this: "Mother, you don't believe me. My own mother don't believe me." (So sad.)

Katherine and Joe Jackson are still very much married. Rumors have been swirling for years that they officially untied the knot. But according to Joe, they don't even fight. (Yeah, right.)

Joe used a strap. Michael had told Winfrey in an interview that he was afraid of his dad. Joe dodged the question when Oprah confronted him, but Momma J confirmed that he used a strap to discipline the kids. When asked whether he regretted the "strappings" he gave his children, he claimed that he didn't: "My kids never been in jail."

Michael could work the griddle. Yup, the King of Pop regularly channeled his inner Bobby Flay. According to Paris: "He was the best cook ever. Made the best French toast in the world."

So that's what I learned.


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