'The Walking Dead' Episode 2: 'Guts'

Last week I was pretty adamant that you should totally be watching The Walking Dead. This week ... not so much.

The promising vibe of the premiere was missing in tonight's episode, and while I'm hopeful things will build as the series goes on, tonight was definitely one big splatter-filled horrorshow. Which is okay if you, like me, LOVE splatter-filled horrorshows, but if you tuned in looking for the uniquely human-focused story of survival and fragility and connections—well, it was pretty much buried under a lot of gore and typical scary-movie action.

Still, despite the missing emotional factor of the premiere, there were plenty of scenes tonight that kept me glued to the screen. My top picks:

  • The intro scene with Rick's wife picking mushrooms in the woods, and the absolute certainty that she's about to be ripped apart by the living dead—only to have her lover (and Rick's ex-cop-partner) Shane appear out of nowhere and lustfully engage in a bow-chicka-wow-wow moment with her.

  • The aerial shot of Rick trapped in the tank with approximately 10 trillion bazillion zombies surrounding him.

  • Dixon's racist freakout on the roof and Rick's subsequent smackdown (leading to this awesome exchange: "Who the hell are you?" "Officer Friendly.")

  • The zombie in the sewer, wetly gnawing a RAT.

  • The scene which gave the episode its name involved 1) a Fight-Club-esque moment where Rick awkwardly honored the zombie they were about to hack up with an axe ("His name was Robert Paulson") and 2) the gross-out action that occurred immediately afterward.

  • Rick and Glen's gore-streaked walk through the zombie hordes, and the nerve-wracking rainfall that gave away their cover.

  • Glen, screaming down the deserted Atlanta highway in an alarm-blaring Dodge Challenger, hooting in victory.

All in all, I give this episode a C-, as opposed to the A of the first one. Here's hoping next week's show picks back up with a focus on the survivors, rather than the intestines.

Were you disappointed in tonight's episode of The Walking Dead too?

Image via AMC

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