'Amazing Race' Recap: Breaking the Rules

Michael and Kevin
'Amazing Race' Michael & Kevin: Rule Breakers?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phones. Did the producers make a mistake on this week's episode of The Amazing Race?

This leg was all about following the rules. Two teams -- Chad & Stephanie and Michael & Kevin -- were penalized for not following directions. And yet, it seems like the show forgot a big fat rule of its own.


Last week was a non-elimination leg, which saved Nick and Vicki from getting the boot. So, following the rules of the show, they should have done a speed bump this week as punishment for finishing last.

And yet, I waited -- I watched Nick admit to his fear of clowns (totally understandable, by the way) and I watched him lie to Kevin and Claire about the clue in the tower -- but the speed bump never came.

A few weeks ago Michael and Kevin did a speed bump (remember, they sat on ice?), so I know it's part of the season. So what gives?

There's something especially unjust about Nick and Vicki getting away speed bump-free because they were so sneaky this episode. Kevin even mentioned that he hoped they'd learn their lesson, and you know what, so did I.

In the end though, the father-son duo were the ones to learn a lesson when they realized they didn't read the directions carefully enough. Their two illegal cab trips cost them a one-hour penalty, while Chad and Stephanie only got a half hour-penalty for their rule-breaking ways (taking a cab when they were told to walk). It was frustrating to see this leg come down to a battle of penalties and even harder to see Michael and Kevin leave the race.

Then again, Kevin, who has been the picture-perfect son all season, was clearly starting to unravel. For the first time we saw him lose patience with his dad during that crazy Russian version of bowling. As much as it pains me to say this, maybe it was time for the Internet sensations to head home.

Did you watch The Amazing Race? Any idea what happened to the speed bump? Are you going to miss Michael and Kevin?


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