'Mad Men': Don Draper Says, 'What?' (Video)

Jon HammAlways funny: Fans of TV shows who pick up on a character’s catchphrase and compile clips of that catchphrase into one video. It was done with Tony Soprano saying the F-word on The Sopranos and with David Caruso delivering a one-liner before whipping off his glasses on CSI.

And now, in its simplest and purest form, there is a video of Mad Men's Don Draper saying 'What?"

There are so many reasons this is great.


The first is that whoever made the video kept in the pregnant pauses before every utterance, so that whether Don is overflowing with dumbfounded disbelief, post-coital glow, panicked cigarette-lighting, or infuriated brow-furrowing, the full emotional impact is always clear.

The second is Jon Hamm looking like Jon Hamm.

The third is watching an actor get so much out of one line. Mary Tyler Moore once said that the great thing about getting to play Laura Petri on The Dick Van Dyke Show was her catch-phrase, “Oh, Rob!” There were so many times when it was her only dang line that she had to learn to act more effectively to get more mileage out of those five letters. Jon Hamm takes four letters and makes them tell a million stories. Come on, that’s good stuff.

The fourth – did I mention? – Jon Hamm.

Here's a quick recap.

The video has 37 “whats” in a minute and thirty-six seconds, including ...
Saying “what” to Betty at least six times
Saying “what” into a phone seven times
Saying “what” to a lady in a hat once
Saying “what” holding a drink or in a bar five times
Saying “what” to Sally once, concerning rum-covered pancakes
Saying “what” sadly in the car twice (that one’s really good)

He demonstrates his ability to say “what” while:
Lounging rebelliously
Wearing a sling
At war

His range of emotions include:
TOTALLY pissed


Pretty impressive stuff.


Which is your favorite Don Draper “what?”

Image via AMC

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