'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Deadbeat Baby Daddies Suck

16 And Pregnant
On 16 and Pregnant, Felicia and baby Genesis learn they can't count on Alex.

Young Texas native Felicia has a lot of hope weighing down her slender shoulders. No one in her family -- from grandmother to her mother to her two sisters -- graduated from high school, so they're praying that Felicia can break the cycle.

But now that the senior is 16 and Pregnant, it's hard enough to just make it through the day, let alone worry about homework and exams and activities. And given that her mom didn't even know about her tattoos, the pregnancy came as a bit of a shocker.


I have to hand it to her mama, she doesn't ream her daughter out. She's sad that Felicia felt like she had to move out, and she really wants to do what's right for her daughter. Plus, Alex is still not showing up for doctor's appointments, he's out 'til all hours spending money, and Felicia's worried about what kind of father he'll be.

Her boyfriend Alex, a part-time barber and full-time punk (who apparently doesn't believe in condoms), has moved into Felicia's parents' house, but he's having trouble abiding by the rules. Plus, he's been bailing on doctor's appointments and other fatherly duties, so he's really starting to piss Felicia's mom off.

Meanwhile, Alex is saying he feels pinned down. He's a total deadbeat dad, and the baby isn't even here yet.

So Alex threatens to move out -- but he asks Felicia if she's coming with him. And so she does, without telling her mother. Eeeps. That's healthy.

Of course, it's not like they can afford to move into their own place, so instead they move into Felicia's sister Ciara's place.

Felicia ends up going four days overdue, so she's induced. Alex is with her because her mom has to work, but the impatient idiot doesn't get that's not an easy labor. Lots of vomiting and tears. So when Felicia's mom finally arrives, she's really happy to have the support. Baby Genesis is born just hours later.

16 And Pregnant
Baby Genesis
I wish I could tell you that seeing the baby transforms Alex into the perfect baby daddy. Alas, once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat. So Felicia decides it's best for her and the baby to move back to her mom's house. Right now, she really needs the support -- especially if she still hopes to graduate.

Unfortunately, Alex doesn't really show up much in the first few weeks of the baby's life. He's still out partying with his friends. Plus, he's spending all the money Felicia needs for baby supplies on $80 sneakers. And that's when Felicia finally gets it -- having a baby doesn't make you a grown-up.

When beautiful baby Genesis is 6 weeks old, Felicia heads back to school, leaving the baby with her grandmother Estela. Felicia learns that she won't graduate as soon as she'd like -- but she will graduate, as long as she gets everything done.

But when Alex offers to help by babysitting (his own kid), well, that turns out about as well as you'd expect. So they split up. And Felicia goes at it alone, with the help of her family. But will she graduate? Yes, according to the after-show. But it will no doubt be a hard road getting there.

Do you think having a baby makes you a parent? Or is that a title you earn?


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