'A-List' Recap: An Impromptu Drag Party

reichin drag a-listMy friends suck because unlike Derek on The A-List, they never, not once, had an impromptu drag party. And not only does Derek have this impromptu drag party (and yes, I am mildly concerned that I will never be able to stop saying impromptu drag party), he's putting more thought into it than most people put into their wedding.


Like getting his lips injected so that he can be really pouty when he dresses up as Marilyn Monroe and instructing his friend/assistant Gina to make sure to compliment him constantly throughout the evening by telling him that he's "the prettiest girl in the room."  

Suddenly my non-impromptu-drag-party-throwing friends are starting to look really good. And not just because they've never asked me to shave their legs. (Hey, Gina. You know you could say no, right?)

The best thing about the impromptu drag party is that Reichen shows up looking like "a truck driver in a dress," according to Ryan. Rodiney is sort of turned on by drag Reichen and the gays-turned-Mean Girls speculate that, duh, Rodiney is bi, after all.  

But who can deny those two crazy kids a bit of frivolity? They've already had their weekly "Reichen, you have been very cold to me" / "Rodiney, you need to get a job" discussion. And Reichen received the tragic news that he is being replaced on My Big Gay Italian Wedding. Rodiney reassures Reichen that he knows that he, Rodiney, can make money in New York and be successful, but just needs to "put my wings to fly," which loosely translates to "freeload for a bit longer." They have a discussion about Rodiney posing for a calendar and Reichen warns him that it's really hard work. Sort of like being in the mines. I really hope that there's a calendar model awareness day soon, because we've ignored this subject long enough.

In other news, Derek is really pissed because obviously Austin is the most watchable character on the show, although props to Derek for trying to up the ante by claiming that Austin is trying to be "him." Austin takes his clothes off a lot, drinks a lot, and says "that's fine" whenever the Mean Girls tell him things along the lines of "you're an asshole and we hate you."

Reichen has a few heartwarming scenes -- one with his stepsister where we learn that his dad won't come to see him in the play because he doesn't like big cities (which is code for "my son is gay and that's not okay"), which kind of sucks for everyone, especially Reichen's dad's daughter, who's also gay but hasn't told him yet. Oops.The other heart-wrenching scene is with Austin where Reichen, obviously delirious, tells him that although he's attracted to him, they could never date because Reichen would always be fooling around with other men and Austin would be home waiting for him and fuming. I think Reichen may want to catch up on some The A-List episodes, because Austin has been hiding this homebody persona really well.


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