'Amazing Race' Recap: Relationships on the Rocks

Nick and Vicki
Nick and Vicki survive another week
After watching Chad and Stephanie bicker once again this week on The Amazing Race, I realized something: this race might be the worst thing to happen to couples since Maury introduced the lie detector test on his show. 

Not that there's any baby-daddy drama on The Amazing Race, but the show does stir up all sorts of trouble between people who are supposedly in love. Why do the dating pairs fight more than any other teams?


Chad and Stephanie started arguing in England back in episode one. This week they brought their bickering all the way to Russia where they fought about cabs, decision-making, and throwing in the towel. 

In the end, Chad learned his lesson, but he couldn't admit the error of his ways without getting in one more jab at Stephanie. He explained that letting someone else take the lead is "one of the top 5 or 10 hardest things [he's] had to do" and then added that it's especially tough when that person is a girlfriend. Yes, I can see that letting a girl take the lead would be pretty tough ... if you're an 8-year-old boy or an adult douchebag. 

Then there's Nick and Vicki. Nick learned his lesson back in Ghana when he threw a temper tantrum (and a tire) over a children's game. Though the pair seem to be improving on their relationship skills, their lack of all other skills is becoming a problem. After switching detour options twice -- first from music to film and then back to music -- the couple finished last. And yet, they were saved by the good news from Phil that this was a non-elimination leg. Talk about dumb luck. 

The third and final dating team is Jill and Thomas. Like the others, Jill and Thomas have done some on-screen fighting. Last week they argued when they couldn't find the marina in Norway. Unlike the other couples, however, Thomas hasn't learned any lessons about how to treat his girlfriend. That's probably because he went to Notre Dame so he has nothing left to learn. 

Also, Jill and Thomas' bickering doesn't seem to get in the way. They finished first this week and snagged a trip to Brazil. Wait, did I mention that Thomas went to Notre Dame? Yes, he's very smart. 

So, at the risk of blaming it all on the guys, I'm going to go ahead and blame it all on the guys. Why are the boyfriends this season such bullies? I just hope that sweet, young Kevin doesn't pick up any bad habits from them. 

Why do you think the dating couples argue more than any other teams? Are the boyfriends always to blame? 



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