Zach Galifianakis Smokes A Joint (on TV!): Appropriate?

zach galifiankis joint bill mahrThe upcoming vote on proposition 19 in California has a lot of folks debating whether or not marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, Bill and his guests -- Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover, comedian Zach Galifianakis (star of Due Date), Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, and Reihan Salam of The National Review -- got in on the discussion.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words -- and Zach's actions made it pretty clear where he stands on the issue: He broke out a doobie. And lit it. And smoked it. On television.

Conservative Margaret Hoover took a whiff (hope she didn't inhale) and confirmed that the joint was real.

Take a look:


Funny stuff, but was it necessary?

Zach could have made the same point with a fake joint -- or even a real joint that he didn't actually light and smoke. Ater all, marijuana is still illegal. (No word yet on whether the authorities will be taking Mr. Galifianakis to task, but we all know celebrities are held to different standards.)

And wait a minute, isn't Zach Mr. Integrity? He's the guy who had a hand in nixing Mel Gibson's Hangover 2 cameo -- that move likely had to do less with Mel's acting ability, and more with the drama going on in his personal life. Galifianakis has also said he's against too much gun play in movies, and he's even turned down some movie roles on "moral grounds." Of course, smoking pot isn't immoral, but it is illegal, and Zach had the balls to do it on national TV. Should Robert Downey Jr. have refused to co-star with Zach in Due Date because of Zach's proclivity for still illegal drugs?

It seems to me if you're going to walk around Hollywood acting like some kind of moral barometer -- you might want to keep yourself in check.

What's next -- Justin Bieber breaking out a six pack and chugging away during an interview on Ellen because he thinks the drinking age should be lowered?

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