'Private Practice' Spoilers: Men Get Off Way Too Easy

taye diggsOne of the reasons I find Private Practice so difficult to watch each week is because it contains so many dark and twisty story-lines -- 99 percent of which involve the women on the show. Why can't the men suffer, too?

Last night's "All in the Family" episode only solidified my hypothesis that Shonda Rhimes needs to give the females a break and rough up some of her male characters instead -- and pronto!

*Spoilers Below*


There had been rumors for weeks that Charlotte would be brutally raped, but I think most viewers would agree that we hoped these would just stay rumors. Last night, however, viewers' worst fears came true when we saw her attacked leaving work and shoved into her office for the inevitable assault. So what lies ahead for Charlotte and the rest of us? Weeks of coping with rape trauma and the tragic aftermath. Uh, no thank you.

This is not the only time Private Practice has shown graphic violence against women: I don't have to remind everyone of Season 2 when Violet was attacked by an insane patient, who cut her pregnant stomach and stole her unborn child from her. The whole premise continues to haunt me to this day.

And who can forget Maya almost losing her baby in a car accident last season? Is it just me or does this show prey on every woman's worst nightmare? (True. Dell, a male character, died in that same accident; but as a secondary character, his death did not seem as tragic as the other situations above.)

Meanwhile, the male characters in general are having an easier time at things. Sure, they have their own issues to deal with, but these seem to only revolve around the women's tragedies: Pete dealing with the aftermath of Violet's attack; Cooper helping Charlotte to cope, etc.

A few more violent female-centric story lines like these and I wonder how many women will still be able to stomach the show. I don't know about you, but I've seen about as much as I can take.

Do you watch Private Practice? Do you think all the bad stuff only happens to women?

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