Did Oprah Diss Joy Behar? All Signs Point to Maybe

oprahDo you like TV shows that are lewd, crude, and sexist? Then don't even think about watching Oprah's new cable channel, OWN (set to launch January 1, 2011).

In a speech at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, the talk show host explained that her network will include only tasteful programming that's ...

... fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches. Imagine that. Imagine.

Given the controversy over the b-word on television this week, you have to wonder:

Was Oprah dissing Joy Behar?


The View host made headlines this week when she repeatedly called Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle a bitch on TV. It was a tactless tirade that pissed off a whole lot of people -- even people who would never dream of supporting Angle (ahem). The fact that Behar used a word that specifically demeans women was simply not okay.

So was Oprah one of many who were offended by Behar's bitchy rant? Hard to say, especially because The View episode and Oprah's speech occurred on the very same day.

What is clear, however, is that the Queen of TV thinks the b-word and other marginalizing sexist language has no place on television. Let's hope Behar and other television personalities like her will one day follow suit.

Are you offended when you hear the word "bitch" on TV?

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