'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Condoms on Cucumbers Don't Work

MTV's 16 & Pregnant
On 16 and Pregnant, baby daddy Cody wears a pregnancy suit to find out how mama Brooke feels.

It's baaaaaaaack! Yup, I know you're suffering from Teen Mom withdrawal. But until season three kicks off, MTV's serving up a third season of the show that started it all, 16 and Pregnant.

First up is Brooke, a 16-year-old car racer from Mansfield, Texas. She's planning to marry her boyfriend of two years, Cody, who just moved into her parents' house so that they can save up for the baby.

Yeah, it's about as fun as it sounds.


Brooke comes from a family with a long-standing cycle of teenage pregnancy and motherhood. But her mother Misty insists that she was plenty educated about the subject -- even offering her daughter condoms and showing her how to put one on a cucumber. But her boyfriend Cody seems to be a keeper. Even her mom has to admit, when he found out about the baby, "That boy didn't hesitate for one second."

Still, he shows his age when he wears his racing gear to their wedding. Racing is really important to Brooke and Cody. Sadly, because of the pregnancy, she has to sit out the whole season. But Cody's still in the game, and the family is relying on racing money to help support themselves. And while Brooke's hoping to be able to finish school, Cody has declared that "Cody does not read." He's skipping homework and getting zeroes, so Brooke's mom sits him down and goes through everything he needs to do, as if he were 10. Because he's acting like he's 10.

Eventually, Brooke and Cody decide to buy a pre-fab barn to put on Brooke's parents' land so that they can sort-of move out. But at $500 a month, it's more than the couple can afford. So Cody decides he needs to get a full-time job. And Brooke thinks that's the death of her dream of graduating from high school. It's a dream she's not about to give up. She gets Cody a pregnancy suit so he can see what she's been dealing with all this time. She still has to beg him to do homework, and he fails the test that determines whether he'll graduate for a third time. He's convinced them to let him take it again. If he doesn't pass, Brooke doesn't get to go back to school after the baby comes in January. And like many of us, they can't afford daycare. But the fourth time is the charm -- he passes. Now it's time to wait for baby.

MTV's 16 & Pregnant
Baby Brody is a cutie.
Brooke might be a tomboy, but she gets the epidural the first time it's offered. (And I don't blame her.) Cody's actually relatively helpful during the birth, and baby Brody is here in no time. They bring the baby home, and Brooke admits, "I feel like I'm not important anymore."

Things are rough with the newborn, as they always are. Brooke and Cody don't get time together. They can't afford to race. There's too much to do and not enough hours in the day. But they're trying to be responsible. At six weeks, Brooke gets on birth control. They also take a hard look at their budget to see where their money is going so that they can start saving more to buy a house.

Tensions are increasing with her parents because the kids aren't pulling their weight by doing chores, which is how they pay rent. And when Brooke gears up to go back to school, it gets that much harder. And the deal they've struck cracks me up. Because who really has time to clean a house when they have a newborn?

That's what's cool about 16 and Pregnant. Yeah, they're teenagers. But really, they're pregnant soon-to-be first-time moms. They deal with the same ups and downs we all do, 16 or 23 or 32.

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