Kara DioGuardi Is Going Platinum

karaKara DioGuardi, the ousted American Idol judge, has secured a new post on Going Platinum, an upcoming talent competition slated to air next year on Bravo.

Hey ... so who says that being canned is all that bad?

While the show is yet another musical horse race, there are some distinct differences. On Going Platinum, the audience won't decide who goes home and who stays -- a panel of judges will. And the contestants not only have to perform, they'll be required to pen their tunes to boot. Plus, for all 10 episodes, the competitors will live together as they try to take each other down.

I smell drama!


The good news? The winner will snag $100,000 cash, a publishing deal with Sony, and a recording deal with RCA/Jive. Plus a trip to BMI songwriters' The Writing Camp. (Yippee!)

The bad news? All contestants may have to listen to the poetry of their host, singer-songwriter and rodeo groupie Jewel.

Leaving American Idol is not exactly turning out to be a career killer.

Simon Cowell will bring Paula Abdul back into the spotlight next fall as a magistrate on the American version of his UK show, X Factor. In addition, she'll be lead judge, executive producer, creative partner, mentor, and coach (and dog walker?) on CBS's Got to Dance, another production that originated in Britain.

Ex-AI meanie Cowell is doing just fine, thank you. He's the kajillionaire who produces X Factor.

And Ellen DeGeneres? She's still in the business of being Ellen DeGeneres.

Did you like Kara when she was on American Idol? Will you watch her new show?

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