'Football Wives' Reality Show: New Women, Same Drama

Football Wives showWith all of the love drama surrounding the NFL lately, I was actually curious about the new reality show on VH1 that premiered last night called Football Wives.

But then I read the cast: Pilar Sanders (wife of retired Deion Sanders), Chanista Foster (wife of Dallas lineman George Foster), Amanda Davis (Dallas lineman Leonard Davis), Brittany Pigrenet (girlfriend of the Dallas kicker), Erin McBriar (wife of Dallas punter) ...

There are a few more, but it's honestly not worth mentioning. Basically, this sounds like one big cry for attention from the Dallas Cowboys franchise (perhaps to take the spotlight off of the not-so-great team?), and they used the ladies behind their biggest and smallest players. Plus a couple of random UFL folks thrown in there (UFL is the United Football League -- yeah, I'd never heard of it either). 

Come on, give me some Deanna Favre!


Pilar has done the reality show circus before, and she doesn't waste any time with creating drama. In the first episode, the girls attended a bible study, and after hearing it would last three hours, she gave a exaggerated look perfected only by years of experience, and exited -- pissing of the girls and Jesus.

If you just can't get enough of Real Housewives, then add this to your queue -- it's seemingly the same types of producer-filled drama between rich catty women.

Does this sound like a show you'd want to watch? Did anyone catch the premiere?

Image via photo by Chris Blumenshine/AP for VH1.com

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