'Amazing Race' Recap: Sheep's Head, Yum!

Nat and Kat
Give these ladies a knife and fork! 

Men, women, doctors and home shopping hosts alike, this week's episode of The Amazing Race made it clear that most people will do anything for money.

What about, say ... eat a sheep's head? Absolutely.


Yep, that's right. Kat abandoned 22 years of vegetarianism to feast on some sheep noggin with her teammate, Nat, as part of a Fast Forward challenge.

The ladies had their eyes on the prize (they mentioned a couple times that the meat "taste[d] like money"), and yet, I'm surprised Kat did so well. I've seen plenty of reality TV eating challenges where everyday meat-eaters didn't fare nearly as well. Then again, the slimy skin probably tasted so foreign, it didn't even register as meat in her body.

Plus, Nat sure got over her paralyzing fear of heights in a jiffy to ride the gondola. You'd be hard pressed to find an ATM in Narvik, Norway, but the sweet aroma of cash seemed pretty fresh on that mountain top.

In the end though, the doctors' balls-to-the-wall attitude paid off. For a second week in a row they made it to the Pit Stop first.

Another pair that pulled out all the stops were the home shopping hosts, Brook and Claire. They had no problem channeling a dead grandmother to help power Claire up a rope.

Likewise, the volleyball players made it clear they would do anything to win, including NOT making friends. Rachel reminded Katie, "This is not Amazing Friend." Not really sure what they're referring to because it didn't look like anyone was trying to befriend them in the first place. 

Well, at least they won't be burdened by pesky friendships anymore because this leg of the race sent the two athletes packing.

Michael and Kevin seem to be the only contestants who can resist the seduction of cash. Clearly the bike challenge was the easier detour option, but they chose the boats because Kevin thought it would be safer for his dad. Aww.

I commend Kevin for being such a great son. I gotta admit, if I were in that situation you better believe I'd have my old man pedaling. Sorry dad.

Did you watch The Amazing Race? Will you miss the volleyball players?


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