'Real Housewives of D.C.' Reunion Part 2 Recap: The Salahis Star in Biggest Goat Rodeo Ever

The SalahisIt was a grand display of delusion by Michaele and Tareq Salahi on tonight's reunion finale of The Real Housewives of D.C.

As host Andy Cohen tried to guide the conversation and address the allegations against the couple one by one, they dodged and denied everything without answering a single question. Not one.

That takes skill, people.

From the houses they supposedly own or owned to where they're currently living, they could not or would not give a straight, or even sort of straight, answer.

Their mantra: It was someone else's fault.

When asked about their finances and why they never produced proof of financial eligibility when looking for $8 million houses with Stacie Scott Turner, Tareq said she never emailed him asking for it.

That was right after a clip in which they showed Stacie directly asking him for it.


As for sneaking into the Congressional Black Caucus dinner -- Jason Backe (who they tried to sneak in too after they told him they had an invitation for him) made that up, according to the Salahis. They firmly stated they did NOT get kicked out.

When Andy read a letter from the head of communications for the dinner saying YES they were asked to leave the event, they just brushed it off as him lying too.

They are so out of touch with reality, Kelly Bensimon and Danielle Staub appear to be pillars of mental health next to them.

The other housewives and husbands could not contain themselves. There was outrage ... and just flat-out rage for the Salahis.

"You never have any real answers and you never ever tell the f&(*&*#  truth," Cat yelled, barely able to stomach their smug psychosis.

Then Lynda Erkiletian let loose:

"Now, this is a goat rodeo if I've ever seen a goat rodeo in my life. It would be right now, right now, this is a goat rodeo. This is crazy."

Note: If you're not familiar with this term, Urban Dictionary defines a goat rodeo as: "A situation that is hopelessly f*&^$# up." A dead-on assessment!

Andy Cohen did a great job trying to present hard evidence showing the Salahis the contradictions between their explanations and actions, but it did no good.

In discussing the whole drunken debacle at the winery in which Tareq accused Mary and Rich Amons' daughter Lolly of being the subject of an FBI investigation for stealing some of the Salahis' stuff, it was made clear that his accusations had no basis. All the evidence Tareq could produce was a comment Lolly made on Facebook about someone wearing a hat.

Yet even when all the facts were laid out -- facts that proved his allegations had NO legs -- Tareq wouldn't even come close to apologizing. 

When Andy pointed out that even The Washington Post had determined Lolly wasn't involved, Tareq shot back with, "The Washington Post says we crashed the White House!"

Uh, yeah.

As for the infamous crash ... Andy read an email from Michele Jones, a liaison to the White House, to the Salahis on the morning of the State Dinner. It specifically stated she did NOT have tickets for the couple, but was still working on it.

Tareq said a phone call with her assistant later in the day gave them a green light to attend, but, of course, there's no record of that.

"Some would say it's a combo of optimism, delusion, and chutzpa on the highest level ... and you got in," Andy said.

Heavy on the delusion, for sure.

"You were NFI -- not f*&^%$# invited!" Cat said.

"You're slime! You're slime!" Lynda shouted.

The whole time all these insults were flying and accusations were being made, the Salahis just sat there with smug smiles, offering forced laughter and condescending eye rolls like everyone else was crazy.

And I think they may really believe that.

Andy also brought up an incident that happened at a promotional event in California, which wasn't taped. While there, Tareq allegedly pushed Michaele and then threw a glass of wine in Lynda's face.

Michaele managed to force a small, curt apology out of Tareq to Lynda for that incident alone.

After which, she said Lynda still owed her an apology for saying she has an eating disorder.

"I will never apologize to you," Lynda said. "The fact that I even breathe the air you breathe is a gift to God."

It's too bad it took an entire season to get here, but that was some good drama tonight. Finally, D.C.!

Whether it's too little too late and if there will be another season of D.C. is the big question.

This season was sustained almost solely by the Salahis and their drama; and while obnoxious and offensive, at least they provided some plot. I'm not sure the show has legs without them, but neither am I sure anyone can stomach much more of them.

What did you think of tonight's finale reunion of The Real Housewives of D.C.? Do you want to see them take on another season?

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