'Celebrity Apprentice' 2011: Who Wants to Be Hired?

apprenticeDonald Trump hasn't formally announced the cast of the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice, but as the show has started filming on the streets of New York, word is quickly getting out. (Stars deliver pizza!) The usual selection of washed up rockers, supermodels, and actors are reportedly being joined by a Real Housewife and a Celebrity Rehab grad.

Here's the list so far, by profession:



  • David Cassidy -- The Partridge Family!
  • Meat Loaf -- '70s Bat Out of Hell
  • Lil' Jon -- Crunk King
  • Jon Rich -- one half of country duo Big & Rich
  • Dionne Warwick -- '60s songstress, cousin to Whitney Houston
  • Mark McGrath -- former Sugar Ray front-man and Extra co-host


  • NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta -- Hotlanta hausfrau
  • Star Jones -- former lawyer, panelist on The View, and bridezilla


  • Marlee Matlin -- Sorely underutilized deaf actress


  • Jose Canseco -- steroid-enhanced former major league baseball player

Reality TV "Stars":

  • Richard Hatch -- Survivor winner cum jailbird
  • Lisa Rinna -- formerly pouty-lipped star of Harry Loves Lisa

Eye Candy:

  • Hope Dworaczyk -- former Playboy Playmate
  • Niki Taylor -- '90s supermodel


  • Gary Busey -- actor, hot mess
  • LaToya Jackson -- MJ's sis, plastic surgery addict ... singer?

So far the only reported blow-up is from NeNe  ... aimed at her makeup artists. The reality star was apparently unhappy that the cosmetic team couldn't achieve the right drag queen glamorous look. After two unsuccessful attempts, NeNe sent the cosmetologists packing, grabbed the brushes, and did it herself.

So, on to my predictions:

Who will win: Richard Hatch. He may, er, "forget" to pay his taxes, but as he proved on the island back in the day, this guy plays to win, and usually does.

Who should win: Gary Busey. Because it would make my day. Simple as that.

Who would you like to see Trump hire?

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