Conan O'Brien Gives Really Good Promo

Conan O'BrienHi, my name is Amy, and I’m a Cocoholic.
I’ve loved Conan O’Brien since day one. With David Letterman abandoning the late-night time slot, TV was ripe for someone even weirder, funnier, and goofier-looking. One “skull juice” sketch was all I needed to know my love for him was sealed forever.
I mean, the man brought us Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Isn’t there a Pulitzer for that?
Now that his short-lived shot at hosting The Tonight Show has flamed out spectacularly, thanks to Jay Leno being a major douchebag, he’s gone on a nationwide tour, and is now gearing up for a new show on the cable channel TBS.
And the promos are my new favorite addiction.


You can catch them on the Team Coco blog as they come out. Conan also answers questions on video, and there’s also funny stuff from the official blog guy, Aaron Bleyaert.
Now running in Regal Theaters, Conan drives a car off a cliff, filled with explosives, as a live orchestra provides the soundtrack:

Conan busts out some sweet dance moves:

Pour some sugar on Coco:

Are you going to watch the new Conan O’Brien show? Which is your favorite promo?
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