'Awkward Family Photos': The TV Show?

Awkward Family PhotoNow that $#*! My Dad Says has plopped onto the fall schedule with a resounding thud (too bad, I actually had high hopes for it), what’s the next Internet sensation to try to cross over from the computer monitor to the TV screen?

Hint: It concerns many instances of families in matching outfits and bad photo-studio backdrops.


But first things first, in case you’ve been living on Rigel 4, $#*! My Dad Says started as a Twitter feed from Justin Halpern. Upon moving back in with his parents in the wake of job loss and heartbreak, Halpern consoled himself by chronicling his dad’s outrageous outbursts in the Twitterverse. Within days of his first tweet, he had thousands of followers, which led to a published memoir (it was actually very charming!) and then to the aforementioned (bad) sitcom starring William Shatner as the dad.

Other Internet memes have become books too -- Stuff on My Cat, I Can Has Cheezburger? and Awkward Family Photos, ferinstance. And according to Variety, that last one is going to be turned into a TV show on ABC. No word yet on when it’ll hit the airwaves.

It’s hard to imagine exactly how random photos of badly posed family members will coalesce into a sitcom. Then again, stranger sitcom ideas have happened. My Mother the Car, anyone? Besides, the latest episode of Raising Hope lampooned the site, so clearly it tickles the zeitgeist's funnybone. Maybe each episode will feature a new, goofy family building up to their awkward photo. You know, I might watch that!

Would you watch an Awkward Family Photos show? Is there a website you wish would become a TV show (The Stir instead of The View, maybe)?


Image via Awkward Family Photos


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