'Mad Men' Recap: Who the Hell's That?

girl power
Girl Power!
Things are looking up for Don Draper and the rest of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The American Cancer Society is charmed by Don's presentation and he lands the account. Yup, Don's got his mojo back. Plus Peggy's beatnik buddy Joyce steers new business to her pal: Topaz Pantyhose. ("The only hose you'll ever need.") Peggy and Ken nail the meeting and  acquire $250K more in revenue for the crippled agency.

More good news: Lane tells Joan that he is promoting her to Director of Agency Operations. (Oooh ... that sound's important!) No more money of course, but she should be happy that she got such a fancy title, shouldn't she? "Well it's almost an honor," she replies.


Meanwhile on the home front, Betty discovers that Carla has allowed creepy Glen in the house to say goodbye to Sally. Alone. For five minutes. Enraged, the former Mrs. Draper cans the long-suffering nanny with a curt "Do you think I enjoy doing this? After all these years?" Yeah, Betty. Actually we do.

When Don finds out that Carla is history, he asks his secretary Megan to accompany him on a previously planned trip to California to help with the kids. Off they go to the land of movie stars and Mickey Mouse.

Bad parenting choice #1: Bringing your kids to the house of the dead wife of the dead guy whose identity you stole. Face it -- it's unseemly at best. At the bungalow, Don and the kids bump into Anna's niece, who tells him that her aunt had bequeathed our Don the engagement ring that she was given by the real Don.

Uh-oh. Something's gonna happen with this. I just know it.

Bad parenting choice #2: Leaving a baby with two young children in one hotel room while you shack up with your secretary in another. He does and they do.

So here's the upshot: Don + woman who is not cruel to his kids + good sex + diamond ring = engagement! Congratulations!

"I feel like myself when I'm with you, but the way I always wanted to feel," Don confesses to his intended.

Awww ...

Back in the office, Don announces to all that he and Megan are planning to tie the knot. Roger speaks for everyone in the office when he blurts: "Who the hell's that?" Fake congrats all around.

Peggy hangs around after everyone has left and merely looks at Don and he knows what she's thinking, remarks that he appreciates her concern, and adds:

You know that she reminds me of you? She's got the same spark. I know she admires you just as much as I do.

Blech. Peggy commiserates with Joan, who predicts that Don will make Megan a copywriter because he wouldn't want to be married to a secretary. Peggy bitches that she snagged the first new post-Lucky Strike business for the company but it's still not as important as getting married. Joan fills Peggy in on her so-called promotion: "If they poured champagne I must have been pushing the mail cart."

Then Joan wisely conveys a lesson that she learned a long time ago ... not to get all of her satisfaction from this job. Peggy calls her out on her bullshit and they laugh. Hallelujah! Finally a proper female bonding moment for my ladies. It's about time!

But there's still one hurdle for Don to cross before love is able to conquer all: His shrink girlfriend Dr. Faye. He breaks the news over the phone and she is not happy, accusing him of only liking the "beginning of things." Ouch.

And the good doctor's not the only one who's unhappy. Turns out that Betty and Henry may have made a mistake. (Ya think?) The first Mrs. D not-so-accidentally runs into Don at the old house. He tells her about the engagement and she says that she is happy for him. (Not.)

And finally, a mystery is solved. No, Joan did not get the abortion. And yes, rapist husband, her boobs are bigger.

Fade to black.

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