Michaele Salahi Mom Blasts Mean Girls by Getting Mean

Michaele SalahiIn one of the most hypocritical, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do displays of the week, Michaele Salahi's mother, Rosemary Holt, blasted the other housewives after watching Thursday night's reunion of The Real Housewives of D.C.

In an interview with RadarOnline.com she spoke of how she advised Michaele (who she calls "Missy") NOT to "get to their level".

I said ‘Miss do not do tit for tat -- nobody wins'.

And then she proceeded to get right down to their level and tit for tatted each and every one of the "four bullies".


Of Cat, she said she believes she's jealous of Michaele and that "she needs to go back to England" because she's "representing that country very poorly here. Very, very poorly."

Then she moved on to Lynda who she called "a poor excuse for a mother."Definitely below the belt on that one.

She likes Stacie the best, but thinks she could be an "outcast" if she doesn't join the group, and said that Mary and Lynda are only on the show because Michaele recommended them.

" ... as far as I’m concerned I would be afraid to do  business with any of them, the way they act on the show.”

Of course, there was no comment on the way her daughter "acts" on the show.

She also seemingly tried to compare her daughter to Danielle Staub in some sort of strange defense -- which bless her heart, is one of the most insulting comparisons one could make. But come to think of it, the two do  have quite a bit in common.

When your child is attacked -- no matter how old -- it's easy to understand how you want to protect them and stomp on anyone who tries to harm them. How many kids have you wanted to kick in the shins at the playground for calling your kid a name or call a little &^%$) for  pushing her off a swing?

It's VERY easy to understand that mama bear instinct, but it's also our job as parents to set an example and let our children fight their own fights.

So it's laughable -- and a little sad -- that Michaele's mother felt the need to do exactly the opposite of what she advised her daughter to do. And, to use her words, "nobody wins."

Do you think Michaele Salahi's mother was justified in attacking the other housewives?

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