Sarah Palin Prefers Alaska to 'Stuffy Political Office'

sarah palin alaskaIn the first preview clip of TLC's new show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, the Republican politician complains that she prefers outdoor adventures in her home state to being in "some stuffy political office."

Well, don't let us stop you from doing what makes you happy, Ms. Palin. By all means, feel free to stay in Alaska!


I'm taking license to joke about it, because clearly that's not going to happen:

Sarah Palin will make her inevitable run for President, and this new series is one big 8-week political ad portraying her as a down-to-earth, likable, outdoorsy mom who puts her family first.

The sneak peek shows her with her family on some "flippin' fun" adventures (her words, I would never use such a phrase) including cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, and kayaking against the backdrop of gorgeous Alaskan scenery.

Some unexpected lines from someone who works as hard as the former governor include: "Why can't we ever just be satisfied with tranquility?" and "I'd rather be out here being free."

And, while she's clear about her dislike for the office, she's surprisingly mum about the Dancing With the Stars studio, where she's been seen these last few weeks watching her daughter. I'll guess we'll have to watch for those details:

Sarah Palin's Alaska premieres November 14 at 9 p.m. ET. Will you tune in?

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