'30 Rock' Live Show Recap: The 10 Funniest Lines

Tina FeyThe live episode! It’s the live episode of 30 Rock! It was a little weird. Jack was right, it looked like a Mexican soap opera.

But plenty of guest stars stopped by, including Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, and Fey-fave Rachel Dratch. But the very best part was Julia Louis-Dreyfus (also an SNL alum) as Tina Fey’s stand-in for flashback scenes. Genius. She’s Fey-er than Fey.

If you loved it and want more, more, more, check out the NBC page devoted to the episode, including an East Coast/West Coast comparison.

And of course, there were the usual zingers. Here, in no particular order (well, actually, in the order in which they appeared on the show), are the 10 funniest lines from last night’s show. Okay, 12. (It was a really funny episode.)


Does it seem weird in here to you? Everything looks like a Mexican soap opera.

How come you’re better looking in your memory?
Because my memory has Seinfeld money.

Have a good show. I’m dreading watching it sober.

A Mr. Brett Fav-ray stopped by and dropped off this picture of a hot dog.

Your pharmacy called, and you can’t get a prescription for Ecstasy.
(sigh) Thanks, Obamacare.

Dr. Spaceman:
Erectile dysfunction: It’s not just a dog problem anymore.

Tracy, you should be ashamed of yourself.
I can’t be! I’m missing that part of my brain!

Men need alcohol, Lemon. It allows us to hit on women and later, when we’re married, to tune them out.

What the blerg!

Doesn’t matter. It’s water under the bridge.
I’m sorry, we don’t have that expression in Canada. Does that mean that what happened could power a lumber mill?

Wait, what is that -- a surprise party? Surprise! I was totally in on it!

What was your favorite live moment from this week's 30 Rock?

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