'South Park' Does 'Jersey Shore': Fist Pumps Galore

South Park Jersey ShoreWith a mysterious creature called a Snooki humping around, wanting to "smush smush," and housewives ready to lay the smackdown at any given moment, it almost sounds as if South Park was doing a Halloween episode. Close. It was all about Jersey.

I don't even watch South Park on a regular basis but I just happened to channel surf to Comedy Central last night -- the draw of the guidos is strong. It's a Jersey thing. And I'm so glad it is because that episode was epic.


New Jersey begins taking over the entire United States as the tanned fist-pumpers expand westward. When they reach the town of South Park, the Jersey housewives introduce the term muff cabbage to the confused townspeople and spread havoc in the form of bitchiness and table-flipping. Former Jersey girl Sheila Broflovski comes to the rescue, and Kyle finds out, to his horror, that he is technically from New Jersey. As the chaos gets worse -- the diner is turned into a club, the Snooki creature is running wild -- the townspeople realize they must fight back to keep their neighborhoods from turning into GTLs and enlist Osama bin Laden to help destroy them. But don't worry, they also got revenge on bin Laden. 

It was all of the Jersey stereotype shows rolled into one glorious episode, and I loved every minute of it. Seriously, watch it, it's awesome.

Have you seen this episode? What's your favorite Jersey show?


Image via SouthParkStudios.com


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