Bristol Palin Simulates Sex on 'DWTS' -- Surprisingly Not Sexy

Bristol Palin on DWTSBristol Palin's Rumba last night on Dancing With the Stars provided us with a visual of Tripp Johnston's conception (just mentally switch out Mark Ballus's head for Levi's). Her writhing around, humping Mark, and tearing his shirt off sounds like it would be sexy, right? Simulated sex on a dance floor is always hot.

But no, oh no. It was so not hot that it zapped my mojo for the whole next week. I just can't get that image out of my head!


It was slow, awkward, and just ... blech (though her legs looked fantastic).

I think the poor girl is just trying too hard to be sexy for the sake of the show and it's coming off as super uncomfortable for the entire audience. America, do her and the rest of us a favor and just vote her off, please. She is clearly not cut out for the scantily-clad, hip-shaking, sexiness that is Dancing With the Stars. Which is fine, honestly, I wouldn't be either (though wearing the sparkly dresses might be fun), but, and I've said this before, she shouldn't have gone on the show in the first place.

I think Mark nailed it when he said, "The Rumba and Bristol have absolutely zero in common." But oh my gawd how cute is her little boy?

What did you think of Bristol's performance?


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