'Mad Men': Don't Leave Me Hanging!

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Don Draper and the rest of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will temporarily bid us farewell next week with the finale of Season Four of Mad Men. (Sniff, sniff.) As always, there are a multitude of loose strings and every fan knows that it would be more than foolish to expect answers.

But a girl can try, can't she? Here are a few puzzles I wish would be solved before Season Five. Not in a crazy Lost polar bear kind of way -- I just kind of wanna know what's up.


Did Joan abort Roger Sterling's baby? I'm banking on a negative. My guess is that the sexy office manager kept the love child and will try to pass it off as her good-for-nothing husband's bambino. If he ever comes home from 'Nam.

Will SCDP be permanently renamed SDP? Say it ain't so! Please assure me that the a-testicular (yeah, I made that word up) founding partner Bertram Cooper will get past his anger at Don. Or did he gather up his shoes and walk out the doors of the Time Life building for truly the last time? 

Will Roger rebound? The smarmy Sterling seemed so down in the previous episode. Lost his only client ... lost Joan ... remembered his dopey wife ... that I really thought he was going to off himself. Is Roger the falling man in the show opening?

Will Don and Dr. Faye marry? My take? Yes, he should but no, he won't. 

What's Megan's deal? Don's aggressive secretary wants something and I can't quite figure out what it is. Could it be one of the first sexual harassment cases?

Is Abe the one? I love this kid and think he's right for my Peggy. He's smart, warm, loving, and just a touch left of center -- perfect! But are Peggy and Abe built to last? I'm not sure.

And finally, the biggie, which most assuredly will not be answered next Sunday.

Will SCDP survive the loss of Lucky Strike and the resulting fallout?

This is for sure ... I cannot wait until Season Five!

What Mad Men answers are you waiting for?

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