'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Stormy Workouts and B-Dogs

kardashian pokerThis week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, surprise surprise! One of the ladies gets overly flirty with a personal trainer named Storm. Any guesses as to who it might be?

Second question: What’s a bitch-dog, and why is Kourtney demanding that Kim get onto her knees and feed her dessert?

It’s a night of innuendo and temptation with our favorite embarrassing Armenians …


The show begins with Kris joining Kim and Kourtney for a gym workout, for which she’s ill prepared with her pushup bra and class-hating attitude. She’s feeling lousy about her bod since knee surgery, and aging is weighing heavily on her mind, so when sexy bald-headed Storm offers some home workouts, she’s all over it like yogurt sauce on sarma. (That’s an Armenian joke.)

Meanwhile, Kim’s hyper-competitive attitude pretty much ruins game night. Inspired by the poker lesson, Kourtney hosts a poker game, at which she pretty much accidentally beats Kim after they’ve made a bet that whoever loses has to be the other’s “bitch-dog.”

When Storm comes to the house to train Kris, Bruce is flabbergasted. I mean, hello? Didn’t this guy win, like, 90 Olympic medals? And have his own Wheaties box? Never mind. The shadow of former greatness known as Bruce Jenner glowers out the window as Storm makes Kris flex and thrust. “I didn’t know she was so flexible,” Khloe comments. “You have no idea,” Bruce retorts. Eyuwww.

Meanwhile, sorry, but who’s a bad winner? Kourtney rides Kim like she just got cast as the jockey in Secretariat. It’s actually a little embarrassing! She and Mike Disick have her make breakfast, do laundry, and make dinner, and bitch her out the whole time.

Kris gets the bright idea to fix Storm up with Noreen from that band she produces. Somehow she ropes Bruce into coming to dinner with them, and it becomes clear that Storm only has eyes for Kris while the menu seems to be having a special on awkward silences. Bruce is pretty peeved about it, insisting that she’s encouraging his attention because she feels bad about being menopausal. Yikes! She’s all “no way,” until Noreen confirms his suspicions.

After a day of hell, Kim’s not even talking to Kourtney. But Kris says it’s really Kim’s fault for being so competitive. Heavy, thoughtful silence.

Meanwhile, Kris goes over to Khloe’s house (imagine that, a grown woman who doesn’t live with her mom) to ask about this Storm debacle. Khloe sets her straight: she can’t be a Mrs. Robinson about this. Kris admits she’d hate it if the roles were reversed. She returns home and apologizes to Bruce (and also fires Storm), who gets snuggly with her and asks if she remembers that time they did it on a plane. “I’m getting horny, honey!” Double EYUWWW!

Full circle: it’s game night again, and Kim’s turned over a new, less-competitive leaf. It’s like an episode of Eight Is Enough-ian!

Did you think Kim deserved the hardcore bitch-dog treatment? Did Kris go too far?

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