'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Real Tearjerker

Michael and Kevin
Michael and Kevin are ready for the next challenge
Okay, I admit it. I actually shed a few tears during this week's episode of The Amazing Race. It was just too hard to see father-son duo Michael and Kevin struggle so much after last week's elimination of mother-daughter team Andie and Jenna. I was rooting for family!

But before I turned on the waterworks, I had to endure a few other particularly painful moments.


Though the first clue told contestants, "You've got a rocky road ahead," the boxing challenge didn't give anyone a hard time (jump roping for 60 seconds? Please). It was getting to the boxing academy that proved the biggest challenge for the doctors.

Their string of bad cab experiences -- first a driver who wouldn't listen and then an overheated engine -- was certainly frustrating for the doctors, but it was also pretty painful for us at home. You want contestants to be ousted from the race because they can't scale a medieval wall or carry a coffin in Ghana, not because of a bad cab trip. We can go to any major American city to experience that for ourselves.

The next challenge had the teams placing Ghana on a map of Africa. Even the Princeton pair (aka 'the geeks') had a hard time with this, which was fine because ultimately their good attitude made up for any confusion over geography. When they eventually made it to the Pit Stop first and won $5,000 each, they joked that they'd use their cash to buy maps of Africa.

I can't say the same for the tattooed twosome, Nick and Vicki. It's only the third episode and already Nick is at his girlfriend's throat. During the geography challenge he whined, "We're the dumbest people known to earth, literally." Umm ... no argument here.

Nick's bad attitude carried over to the "bicycle parts" challenge when he threw a wheel, declared the children's game "so stupid!" and told Vicki to shut up. Watching Vicki take his insults was almost worse than watching Claire take that watermelon to the face a couple episodes back.

And now for the real drama -- watching Michael apologize to his son ("I can't Kevin. I'm sorry!") was such an epic moment. The tears (both Michael's and mine), the sweat, the emergency medical team ... it was almost too much!

When Phil surprised the team with news that this week's leg was a non-eliminating round, I couldn't help but echo Michael's sentiments. Yes, thank you Phil!

Did you get choked up as well? What did you think of Nick's temper tantrum?


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