'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Finale Recap: Salahis Without Shame

The SalahisThough realistically we knew tonight's finale of The Real Housewives of D.C. would be as disappointing as the rest of the season, there was still a small drop of hope harbored that we might get some more insight into the night Michaele and Tareq Salahi allegedly crashed the White House.

But it was a big "negative, ghostrider" as instead, after all the buildup, we just saw about an hour of media replays chronicling the incident.

Oh, there were a few teasing, tension-filled minutes in the beginning as we watched the couple in their limo looking nervous (very nervous) and excited as they approached Pennsylvania Avenue.

We saw them at the first security checkpoint where they gave their real names. The guard said she didn't see them on the list, but told them to go stand down the way until they could figure out what had happened.


But that was it ... that was all we saw of the incident until the previous news about it started running again.

The only difference between this and the first bazillion times we saw it broadcast was that now we were watching the other housewives watch it and criticize the couple.

And it was a full-out bash-the-Salahis slam fest as the ladies gathered to discuss the incident and even partied while watching the Congressional hearing in which the Salahis refused to talk.

"They are so plastic, not fantastic," Cat poetically proclaimed.

"Go to jail, make some license plates," Lynda suggested.

Cat was particularly pissed at the Salahis because she was disinvited to the White House Christmas Party because of her association with them.

And if you thought Cat called it like it was before, it was nothing compared to her encounter with the Salahis when they all met at Stacie and Jason's house in the final scene.

Mary and Lynda declined to attend out of repulsion for the couple, so it was just Stacie, Jason, and Cat who came face-to-face with the Salahis.

Cat didn't even offer a hello and pretty much turned her back on them until she got up to leave and gave a seething diatribe on her way out the door.

"... I think that both of you are two of the most artificial, fake people I've ever met in my entire life. You're a disgrace to America ... you're a complete plastic number."

"The fact that you can even walk around town makes me sick ... so good luck with your life."

After she left, Stacie and Jason continued to prod them for answers about the fateful night, but the Salahis were having none of it. Michaele says their "real" friends don't ask about.

Besides Tareq's defense that there was "no shame" in the incident, they offered nothing.

In the end, the Salahis stormed out through the back door with nary a goodbye or thank you.

Michaele's parting words to the camera: "Someday, I'll have a chance to talk about it all."

I have to admit that there was a tiny part of me watching that wondered if perhaps, just maybe, it really was just a misunderstanding, that they really did think they were supposed to be there. I mean how could anyone be that stupid to do it on purpose?

But then the final credits rolled and we were reminded that the couple has never been criminally charged, but that the case -- the case in which they so flagrantly thumbed their nose at national security -- remains open. If that isn't enough to make you want to do a little Salahi slamming too, I don't know what is.

I'm sure there will be plenty more of it next week when the two-part reunion starts and they're all back together again.

Did you feel sorry for the Salahis at all tonight? Are you glad to see this season of The Real Housewives of D.C. come to an end?


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