'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: 'I Just Want a Chance'

This week's episode starts with a wet, miserable scene of the Espada tribe huddled around in the pouring rain at night. Jimmy T. contributes to the unpleasant situation with some horrible, tuneless singing, because apparently he's got a Whack-a-Mole game in his brain where his social skills should be.

Over at La Flor the next day, Brenda and NaOnka have the hidden immunity idol clue. Brenda, proving that she's more than just an adorable walking bikini, works through the puzzle on her own and the two of them dig up the idol. Later, NaOnka tells the camera that it's hers, all hers, and nobody better try to take it from her. "It's mine, I figured it out," she z-snaps, fiercely. Right, except for the part where you'd still be wandering around in the bushes with your mouth hanging open if it hadn't been for Brenda.


Alina and Kelly B. decide to look for the idol on their own, and NaOnka sneaks up behind them in order to get all up in Kelly B.'s business. If one thing's becoming increasingly clear, NaOnka has a REALLY BIG PROBLEM with Kelly B. Or more specifically, Kelly B.'s artificial leg.

"I don't need no charity case on the jury," she tells the camera. "Screw your leg. Keep your leg away from the fire."

Man, NaOnka is just so tough and ghetto! It's so badass how she's completely focused on this woman's prosthetic limb and it doesn't make her look like an insecure freak at ALL.

Back at Espada, Marty suggests that Tyrone act as leader in the next challenge. Tyrone seems accepting of this idea, although it's hard to tell because all he ever does is frown. Jimmy T. is not a fan and Jimmy T. would just like a chance to lead and Jimmy T. keeps referring to himself in the third person and jesus god I wish Jimmy T. would shut up.

Challenge time! (Sponsored by Sears!) It's for both reward (some camping stuff) (from Sears!) and immunity again, and the younger tribe elects to use the (*booming voice*) Medallion of Power. The challenge gets underway and it's one of those things where one person from each tribe tries to direct their blindfolded tribemates, resulting in total screaming chaos and people crashing painfully into immovable objects at full speed. Jimmy T. performs especially poorly, wandering around like a zombie and tripping over crap while Tyrone frown-shrieks at him.

La Flor wins, handily. Back at their camp, they're celebrating their (Sears!) reward when Chase finds a hidden immunity idol clue. Because apparently it's Share Your Clue With Brenda week, he tells Brenda, who hesitantly confesses that she and NaOnka already found it. Oooh girl, NaOnka is gonna get SO pissed. This can all be blamed on Kelly's leg somehow, I'm sure.

At Espada, they're collecting sea urchins, because they basically have no food at this point. Jimmy T. keeps bitching and bitching about how he wants to lead a challenge, dammit. The tribe is split between wanting Dan out because of his weakness, and wanting Jimmy T. gone because, well, Jimmy T.'s obnoxious. Marty works his mojo, trying to convince Tyrone to vote against Jimmy T. Tyrone glowers, thoughtfully.

Jimmy T. has a rare moment of likability in front of the camera, saying plaintively, "I'm an easy guy to get along with ... I think?"

Tribal council! Probst takes the reins and steers this entire tribal, starting by pointing out Dan's weakness, then digging into Jimmy T.'s desire to lead. He asks Jimmy if he'd be willing to be a follower, since that seems to be what the tribe wants. (Well, it's what Marty wants, but whatever.) Jimmy T. pauses a long moment and says yes, then wells up with tears.

It's the first time I've sort of understood where he's coming from, how important it is to his manhood that he be treated with respect, and I feel kind of bad for the dude. Even if he is seven shades of crazy.

The voting gets underway and at first I'm totally convinced that Jeff has changed the outcome, and maybe he did, because the votes are very close. In the end, though, Jimmy T. is sent packing. "Marty's the puppetmaster," he sighs during his closing statement, showing more insight than he ever did before.

It looks like next week brings the merge, which is good because things are just getting kind of pathetic for Espada at this point. The preview showed NaOnka crying about something, which I desperately hope is discomfort from having Kelly B's leg forcefully jammed up her ass.

What did you think of this week's episode? Glad to see Jimmy T. go?

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