'The Amazing Race' Recap: Shady Business in Ghana

Brook and Claire
"A kiss saves the day!"
Antennas or caskets? That was the choice this week on The Amazing Race when the teams headed to Accra, Ghana.

While they didn't get to "hold little African babies," like Mallory (the beauty queen) hoped, they did get a lesson in customer service. We watched them sell, service, and sometimes kiss their way to the Pit Stop.


Before they even left London, Brook revealed her competitive philosophy for the second leg of the trip: "a kiss saves the day." Just before declaring those fighting words, she kissed a British man in a tractor after asking, "Have you kissed an American before?"

Then it was off to Africa where she would introduce her kissing tactics to the cut-throat world of street vending. She bartered a few more smooches while selling sunglasses as part of the first challenge of the day.

Not surprisingly for a tall, leggy blonde, her game plan worked quite well. But whether she kissed or not, she had the sunglass challenge in the bag. She proved that her home shopping host skills were not lost in translation.

Then it was off to the second challenge: "Tune In or Check Out." Brook and Claire decided to "tune in," which meant they got to play cable guy for a day by installing a TV antenna for a local family. Ultimately, their "customer service with a smile" sent the girls to the check-in mat first and won them a trip to Hawaii.

The teams that chose to "tune out" had to deliver wildly shaped coffins to a showroom by foot. There was a camera coffin, a keyboard, a Coke bottle -- it got me thinking; I'd like to be laid to rest in a Mr. Peanut tomb, monocle and all.

Team Glee (Connor and Jonathan) ended up on coffin duty after failing at "tuning in." Not to stereotype too much, but I was shocked that the geeks couldn't figure out an electronics challenge. Then again, rabbit ear antennas are far before their time. They were probably just disoriented by the absence of DVR and a Blu-ray player.

Speaking of coffins, the geeks ended up battling it out in a high-speed, near-death cab race with the doctor duo, Nat and Kat. The cabs of Accra made a trip in an NYC taxi look like a leisurely ride around the merry-go-round. In the end, the geeks triumphed.

Sadly, biological mom Andie and her daughter, Jenna, were the last to the Pit Stop and the second team to leave the race. I was hoping to see their relationship blossom, but we had to say goodbye knowing only that they have double-jointed fingers and frizzy hair. So long ladies!

Did you watch The Amazing Race? What did you think of Brook's kissing tactics?


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