Michaele Salahi Sari: Guess Who Bought it for $7K?

Michaele SalahiThe famous red sari Michaele Salahi wore when she and husband Tareq allegedly crashed the White House State Dinner sold for $7,000 in an auction for charity this morning.

The winning bidder wasn't an admiring fan (does she have any of those?) but rather someone who has a bit of animosity toward the couple.

Any guesses? (Hard I know since they've pissed off so many people.) And no, it's not the other Housewives of D.C. who plan to burn it.


According to The Washington Post, James Packard-Gomez, co-owner of the salon where Michaele was primped and primed for the event, made the purchase. While she may have provided some publicity for the salon that day, what she supposedly didn't provide was payment for thousands of dollars of services on her wedding day, which Packard-Gomez has told told the media in the past.

He seems to think the sari may help him get some of those lost funds back, and has plans to possibly open up a museum or gift shop of political scandal one day.

"We have all these wax museums around the country, all these gift shops devoted to former presidents," he said. What about "a gift shop that specializes in political scandals?"

Not a bad idea. There would certainly be plenty of items to display. Salahis's sari could hang right beside Monica Lewinsky's stained dress from the incident with Bill Clinton in which he "did NOT have sexual relations with that woman."

At least the money for the sari is going to charity -- the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society -- and not to The Salahis, who certainly shouldn't benefit from crashing the White House.

Speaking of the infamous crash, one must be careful.

According to TMZ, The Salahis have threatened to sue the other Housewives if they use the term "White House party crashers" to describe them.

But as Lynda Erkiletian recently told TMZ, they could easily put a kabosh on the crash rumors themselves.

"After eight months of exhausting the taxpayer's money investigating this issue, she could save everyone's time and money by just producing the invitation."

If they do, great. It would make another great item for Packard-Gomez's museum. Otherwise, he may want to have an imagination section where we people can just pretend to see all the things the Salahis say they have but can't produce like Michaele's Washington Redskins cheerleading uniform and their money to name a few.

Would you pay to see Michaele Salahi's sari? Are you surprised it went for $7,000?


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