'30 Rock' Second Episode Recap: The 10 Best Lines ... Realo!

Paul Giamatti
That's Paul Giamatti!
It was another hilarious week at 30 Rockefeller Center ... on 30 Rock. (See what I did there?) Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, and the rest of the gang were in rare form as Tracy's wife went into labor, Kenneth wormed his way back into the hearts and minds of the office, and Liz used her newfound "I'm-taken" charm to get the editing department on her side. 

And there were multiple cameos -- Oscar winner Paul Giamatti as the editing weirdo, and Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell as themselves.

This week also brought us news that the Twitter feed @KanyeJordan takes all of Kanye West’s tweets and starts them with “Liz Lemon" -- the idea being that Kanye is as nuts as Tracy, and adding the Liz Lemon underscores the craziness. It’s surprisingly effective!


Don't believe me? Take a gander:

liz lemon twitter

As if that wasn’t hilarious enough, here are the top 10 funny lines from last night’s episode:

Do you remember my tattoo mishap? It was supposed to say peace, but it said white hooker instead.
Tracy Jordan:

If I were a real werewolf, I would wear baggy clothes so my nice ones wouldn’t get torn up. Same for if I was the hulk.
Dr. Spaceman:
Now, Mrs. Jordan, I’ve already administered the epidural, so ... do you want one too?
I went to Harvard Business School and was voted ... most.
I’ll be stuck here waiting for edits until 4 a.m. when I should be at home ... which is the name of a bar I found near the train station.
I was sweeping your terrace when you came in and I was trapped ... just like that time I was stuck in the closet when my mom and her friend Ron came in and had one of their grunting naps on my bed.
Brian Williams:
And we have this just in to us, Richie and Liz spotted in tree, witness reports K-I-S-S-I-N-G. For more, let’s go to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.
Andrea Mitchell:
Thank you Brian. Slut.
Oh realo. I mean to say really. I misspoke. Continue.
Drugs? During childbirth? Isn’t the whole point to feel God punish you?
I hate to say I told you so, so ... welcome to Miami.
What was your favorite line this week?

Image via NBC

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