'My Generation' Recap: Where's the Social Media?

My GenerationAfter a less-than-stellar start last week, ABC's new pseudo-documentary series My Generation showed some more promise this week.

The characters are evolving, and the secrets are starting to spill. But what I want to know is: Where is the social media?

Besides some video chat between Dawn Barfuco and Rolly Marks, who's serving in Afghanistan and also as Dawn's baby daddy, there's nary a tweet nor a Facebook post present in the series. And aren't those some of the most defining things about this generation?


So while the show takes on real issues like the Enron scandal and the war in Afghanistan, it ignores the incredible impact of social media over the past decade. And it seems just a little unrealistic that none of them has ever encountered or kept up with one another in the past 10 years on the (very tangled) Web.

I mean wouldn't Steven Foster have heard at least some buzz that the virgin he slept with on prom night had a son? And most everyone these days tweets or posts on Facebook their wheels up and down around the country, so why is everyone so surprised that people like Steven and Brenda Serrano are back in town?

But beyond that little issue, the rest of tonight's episode was more promising than I thought it might be.

Steven Foster and his family are particularly fascinating and full of scads of secrets. From a brother who mysteriously disappeared when he was 15, to Steven's love child, to his dad sitting in prison for his involvement with Enron, this family has issues.

My other favorite plot line is the marital relationship between Jackie Vachs (former beauty queen of high school) and Anders Holt (the rich kid). Though they dine on lamb with mint jelly he makes fresh every night, they're about as in love as Bill Maher and Sarah Palin.

Did you watch My Generation? Who are your favorite characters?


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