'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Recap: The Calm Before the Crash (A Lesson in Foreshadowing)

Michaele SalahiThis whole season of The Real Housewives of D.C. has been one big, slow, buildup to THE event -- Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashing a White House State Dinner.

Like the slowest, most painful bandage pull ever, tonight's episode just dragged it out a little longer.

Sure, there was Stacie's search for her biological father, and Cat complaining about her lack of free time (while she sipped wine with girlfriends, ironically), and Lynda's career and astrology charts, and Mary's children (or at least Lolly and the one who eats too many Ho Hos).

But really, who cares?

Ladies, you've tried your best to be interesting and dramatic, but dammit, we want to see the Salahis crash the White House! That's why we're still watching. (Someone else besides me still is, right?)


So tonight we got a bit closer. We saw Michaele get made up and blown out, and saw her don the red sari seen around the world. She was ripe and ready to go meet President Obama and Oprah (she was hoping anyway) ... well, except for that little matter of an invitation.

When her hairstylist (just so happened to) asked to see the invite, Michaele went out to her car to find it, but couldn't. Wherever could it have gone?

The quotes from the Salahis peppered throughout the show were in-your-face foreshadowing at its finest (did anyone see the cue cards?) that might make a skeptical sort question if Bravo didn't script the whole try-to-crash-the-White-House plot line from the beginning.

Here are a few of the build-up quotes:

"He's taught me not to be afraid ... he's taught me to go for it," Michaele said of Tareq to the cameras.

While dining with another couple, Tareq spoke of the couple's prowess:

"Together as a team we are unstoppable."

In a random burst of self-promotion, Michaele dissed the other Housewives and claimed a title for herself.

"I'm the prettiest, I'm the hottest, and I have the most friends. I'm Miss D.C."

Humble much?

 "You work hard, you give a lot of love, and you end up at the White House," she boasted.

Or you're really sneaky.

But the best, most foreboding words came from Tareq after Michaele couldn't find her invitation to the event:

"An invitation to the White House is a really a formality. You do not need the actual invitation to get into the White House."

Au contraire mon freak! We all know what happened.

So next week is the finale (finally!), and we're teased with a promise of seeing what really happened that night at the White House. But when it comes to The Real Housewives of D.C., promises (especially of potential) have a way of falling short.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts Monday. It's time for some real Housewives to show these women how the drama is done.

How much of the White House "crash" do you think we're going to see next week on the D.C. finale? Are you going to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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