Buh-Bye 'Lone Star,' Plus 7 Other Short-Lived Television Series

lone starTalk about a major television show FAIL. How pissed would you be if your show got cancelled after two episodes? FOX doesn't play around. They pulled the plug on Lone Star, a show that, in theory, actually sounded good. I never watched it, but how could you go wrong with something that's been described as "a little bit Mad Men, a little bit Dallas, a sprinkling of Profit, plus a lot of Sopranos"?

Apparently, the show's creators didn't do something right, and they now have a place in the short-lived television show graveyard. Let's take a stroll and check out the tombstones of seven other short-lived shows:


Love Monkey: Debuting in 2006, CBS pulled the rug out from underneath this comedy after just three episodes. The remaining episodes went on to air on VH1, where, as we all know, television shows go to die.

Police Squad: It's amazing that this 1982 series, which spawned the incredibly successful Naked Gun movie trilogy, only lasted six episodes. Short-lived because of short-sightedness. Bet someone got fired over that one.

Do Not Disturb: Starring Jerry O'Connell, directed by Jason Bateman, created by the same folks who did The Office, Ugly Betty, and The Tudors ... one would think it'd be a success, but it got the pink slip after three episodes in '08.

Tuesday Night Book Club: CBS's version of Bravo's Real Housewives series was cancelled immediately following the second episode.

Turn-On: What's been said to be one of the biggest flops in television history, Turn-On was a comedy sketch that aired on ABC in 1969 and was cancelled immediately after the first episode aired. It was raunchy, it only had a white background for the set, and it used a synthesizer -- surely that'd be a recipe for success?

The Return of Jezebel James: One put-together sister is infertile while the flighty other sister can have a baby -- hmm, groundbreaking. FOX cancelled this predictable series in 2008 after just three episodes.

Bob Patterson: After Seinfield ended (ugh, worst finale ever), Jason Alexander attempted his own gig called Bob Patterson about a guy who was a hugely successful motivational speaker. Needless to say, the show was not as it was cancelled after five episodes.

Did you ever watch a television series that you felt was cut too soon? What's your favorite short-lived show?

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