Does 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Deserve a Second Chance? A Former Contestant Spills All

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brad womackFans of The Bachelor are outraged over the fact that ABC is giving perennially single Brad Womack a second chance at finding love. With so many available fish in the sea, why invite back a man who broke not one but two women's hearts on national TV during Season 11?

But one person who thinks the Return of Brad might make for some interesting TV is the lovely former Bachelor contestant, Kristy Katzmann, the acupuncturist from Chicago who made it all the way to the Final 6 during Season 11 -- and had plenty of time to get some dirt on Brad.

Here's what she thinks about Brad giving it a second go ...


kristy katzmann

Be honest, Kristy: Do you think it will really be "Brad" Womack on the new season of The Bachelor -- or Chad in disguise?

Well, Brad and Chad don't actually look that much alike ... that is unless you've had too much champagne!

[Editor's note: This might be a good time to mention that Kristy was one of the only women to immediately identify Brad's twin brother, Chad, as an impostor in The Bachelor Season 11.]

How did you find the strength to move on after Brad rejected you?

Being rejected is never fun -- especially in front of millions of people! But luckily the people who approached me in my daily life after the show were really encouraging and supportive, so that helped a ton. 

Brad got a ton of backlash for not choosing either DeAnna or Jenni last time. Admit it: Did it make you feel good to see both rejected?

Sometimes it's best to plead the fifth :) What I will say is that these two ladies were viewed very differently in the house -- draw your own conclusions. 

Why is ABC recycling Bachelors?

While I am certainly an eco-conscious girl, I do wonder the same thing? I can only imagine that it has to do with the built-in controversy: People are already talking and the show hasn't even started filming yet! 

Some fans of the show say Brad has the personality of a dial tone. Do you agree?

Ooh, ouch! Well, let's be honest: Brad's personality is probably not the first thing you notice about him. After all, he WAS cast as "McSteamy." BUT, he is genuinely a thoughtful and sincere man, and I don't think his personality really got the chance to shine during our season. Believe me, it's tough to have your "personality" dictated by other people -- it's called editing!

How likely do you think it is that Brad will find his soul mate on the show the second time around?

I didn't always believe in second chances, but then you live a little and learn that those "second chances" are sometimes the best decisions of your life.

People often ask me if I had the chance, would I do it again? It took me a long time to be able to say this, but "yes!" So, I understand where Brad is coming from. 

I can tell you this: If you go on the show for "the right reasons" (i.e., to find love), it can be very overwhelming -- it's a whirlwind experience! Hopefully for Brad's sake, it's the second, not the third time that's the charm!

Kristy currently lives in Chicago where she is the account executive for New Chapter Organics, pursuing her passion for natural health, enjoying city life, and yes, still seeking "Mr. Right."

What do you think about Brad being picked again? Are you going to watch the new season of The Bachelor?


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