'Australia's Next Top Model' Ends Horribly Wrong

Kim Conte

australias next top model

This is why we love live TV.

On the live finale of Australia's Next Top Model, host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong woman as winner of the reality show.

First, she named Kelsey Martinovich as the winner of Season 6; but while Martinovich was thanking the audience for their support, Murdoch, realizing her mistake, interrupted her and announced that in fact Amanda Ware was the real winner. She blamed it on being fed the wrong name. Mortifying!

It's difficult to decide which of the three women in this situation to feel the worst for ...


If you watch the footage, it looks like Murdoch takes the news the hardest. She's visibly upset and can't stop apologizing to Martinovich for her mistake.

But Martinovich has to be the most disappointed. What a tremendous letdown -- to believe at least for a minute or so that she was the winner only to have the top award taken away and handed over to her top competitor. (The good news, however, is that the show ended up giving her $25,000 and a trip to New York as a consolation prize.)

And then there's Ware, the rightful winner, whose shining moment was clouded by this mistake. Instead of focusing on her win, of course the media is yakking on and on about the scandal.

Nevertheless, all three women handled a horrifying situation with grace and class ... when else can you say that about live TV?

Which woman do you feel the worst for?


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