Sarah Palin Booed on 'DWTS': Don't You Dare Blame It on Jennifer Grey!

Kim Conte

sarah palinType the terms "Booed" and "Sarah Palin" -- or any politician for that matter -- into the search box on and you might be surprised just how many videos pop up (a lot).

That's because Sarah Palin is a politician and an extremely polarizing one at that. She's not only used to the cheering and booing that her appearances incite, she expects it! That's all part and parcel of the game of politics, people.

So, why are Tom Bergeron and ABC trying to smooth over the fact that Sarah Palin got booed while supporting her daughter, Bristol, on last night's episode of Dancing With the Stars with some made-up story? Do they really think we're that naive?


In case you missed it, here's what went down:

While Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were discussing their performance with host Brooke Burke, the audience in the ballroom began booing.

The cameras immediately cut to Sarah Palin, who had just arrived in the ballroom. The boos switched to cheers, and Palin then proceeded to be interviewed by Bergeron (who made no reference to the boos).

After the show, Bergeron told Jimmy Kimmel that the boos weren't directed at Palin: They were in fact a reaction to Grey's score (a "24," actually the highest of the night). The insinuation was that anyone who watches the show regularly knows that the judges often get booed for their scoring and to suggest otherwise is silly.

But if that was the case, then why did Burke respond to the booing in this way?

"There's booing in the ballroom, we don't know why?"

Surely she watches the show more than anyone?

Oh, we know why: Some people like Sarah Palin; some people don't. Some people cheered for her; some people booed. It makes perfect sense to me. So don't feed me some Jennifer Grey-low-score-BS and expect me to swallow.

Sarah Palin didn't seem fazed by the reaction, so there doesn't seem to be a need to pretend it didn't happen. And, isn't this exactly why Bristol was picked to be on the show in the first place -- for all the drama it would cause?

Do you think Sarah Palin got booed last night? Or do you think it was directed at Jennifer Grey's scores?

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