Justin Bieber: Kurt From Glee's Dream Date?

bieberGlee's second season has just kicked off and already rumors of potential guest stars are rampant. So far we've heard rumblings of Javier Bardem (sigh) and Gwyneth Paltrow (ugh) passing through the front door of William McKinley High. Lea Michele, who plays the ever-ambitious Rachel, is tossing her hat into the opinion ring by musing that a Justin Bieber guest stint would be "awesome."

There's also chatter that Kurt Hummel will (finally) gain a love interest. Darren Criss of Eastwick seems to have the inside track for the role, and while that may be all well and good ... may I make a teeny tiny suggestion?

Why don't the producers kill two birds with one stone and cast Bieber as Kurt's honey?


Think about it. He's cute, he can sing, and to be honest -- don't you want to see Kurt land a hottie? Our favorite soprano has wasted waaay too much time pining away for lost cause Finn Hudson and needs to enter the dating arena with a bang. And who better to provide that pizazz than the baby-faced pop star?

But Bieber may not be ready to play a gay teen. So if not, then who? Some random casting thoughts.

Zac Efron. Dreamy blue eyes, plus he reportedly wants to appear on the show.

The Jonas Brothers. All of them. Have the brothers fight each other for Kurt's heart.

Taylor Lautner. If the rumors are true, the role will require little acting.

That kid in Two and a Half Men. Angus T. Jones. (Admit it, you didn't know his name either.) Only for the fact that it would get him away from Charlie Sheen. Just think of it as a mission of mercy.

Nah ... I still think Bieber's the one.

What about you? Justin Bieber as Kurt's beau -- genius or insane?

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