If You Thought Katy Perry on 'Sesame Street' Was Bad, Check This Out

Katy Perry's cleavage so close to Elmo was too much for some parents to handle so PBS pulled the plug on her kid-friendly version of "Hot N Cold" for Sesame Street.

Wonder what those parents would think of Sesame Shore:



It's from Jimmy Kimmel, and not real, of course, but it's hilarious!

From learning to count on The Situation's abs to Vinny singing "Rubber, rubber, you're the one. I wear you when I'm having fun", this is funny stuff.

Katy PerryAnd seriously, it's funny to look at this in the midst of the whole brouhaha over Katy Perry's boobs, because if your biggest worry now is your children seeing some cleavage, you're going to be in for a pretty big reality check as they get older and are exposed to things like Jersey Shore.

While we can try to shield our children all we want from things we deem inappropriate, the fact is they're going to encounter them. So why not prepare them along the way?

If -- and that's a big if --  your toddler noticed Katy Perry's cleavage, why not take it as an opportunity to talk about your views on modest dressing and why that's important to you. There's no way you're going to be able to ban all the cleavage in the world, so why not start with Katy Perry as your example?

Or just save your breath ... for all the many other, much more serious, negative influences our children are going to be bombarded with whether they ever turn on a television or not.

Do you think Katy Perry's video should have been banned from Sesame Street?

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