'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere -- Grey's Is Reborn!

Grey's Anatomy premiereAfter last season's intensely dramatic shooting finale, just like the doctors of Seattle Grace, we have to slowly be rehabilitated into the upcoming season. That being said, the Grey's Anatomy premiere wasn't exactly breaking out all the stops, but to judge the entire season based on the first episode is like looking at the world through a tube.

I have to say, I was a little worried before watching the premiere episode. Usually with finales, we're left hanging with something to have us anticipating the next season, but last season pretty much wrapped everything up. Other than the doctors dealing with post-traumatic stress, what else is there?

But, as proven last night, sometimes it's good to start with a clean slate.

**Spoiler Warning**


Instead of giving us the excitement up front, the writers teased us, just barely giving us a glimpse into what the storylines hold for this season: Derek is now an adrenaline junkie? Did Cristina marry Owen for the right reasons? Not to mention we have a new hot couple on the scene (James Tupper as Dr. Perkins, yum!) and cocky Alex is back.

The only thing that irked me was April and dreamy-eyed Jackson. They're suddenly part of the crew now? It'd be a bit more believable if the others actually talked to them, but they just kind of sit there like the kids that try too hard to hang out with the cool clique during gym class.

With the past few seasons of Grey's, save the finales, being a little ho-hum, I'd say yes, it's definitely time for a clean slate, and I'm highly anticipating seeing where they take Season 7.

Did you watch the Grey's Anatomy premiere? What'd you think of it?


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