'American Idol' Judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler: Who Is the Bigger Diva?

Kim Conte

american idol judgesWhen the 10th season of American Idol starts in January, be prepared to see one of the biggest divas of all time on the judges panel alongside Randy Jackson. (Oh, and singer-actor-movie producer Jennifer Lopez will be there, too.)

I can't help but poke at least a little fun at the fact that Fox hired none other than Steven Tyler to join the crew -- especially after all the rumors that it almost bypassed J-Lo for the job because of her "diva demands." The Aerosmith frontman might just give Jenny from the block a run for her money when it comes to who can be the most high-maintenance.


Sure, J-Lo's been trying to shake the "diva" label for years. But just when it looks like she's close to succeeding, another account of her alleged ridiculous rider requests comes out -- $5,000 set of diamond headphones, hotel rooms draped in white silk and covered in matching flowers, on-call masseuse, etc. The report back in August was that Fox dropped her as a judge because her demands "got out of hand." In the end, she agreed to a $12 million deal.

But Steven Tyler is no picnic to work with either. He's constantly quitting or in feuds with his band and has cancelled countless appearances and concerts for one reason or another. Not to mention the fact that his fastidious attention to style and tight pants makes him something of a prima donna.

And, here's him being modest:

"I've been married to the band for 40 years. At first they were jealous as they heard it through the press, not me .... But they've been judging me every day. I'm sure they are happy for me."

Looks like we've got some actual competition on our hands this time around: Perhaps this season of AI will actually be worth watching -- at least to see J-Lo and Tyler duke it out to see who can be the bigger diva.

Who do you think will be the bigger idol on AI: Steven Tyler or J-Lo?


Image via American Idol

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